Day 1 - Lake Toba
Situated in the magical land of Sumatra, Lake Toba is one of the popular destinations in Indonesia. The lush greenery
and blue waters here attracts many tourists and backpackers from all over the world. 

Day 2 - Manado Bay

Day 3 - Sipiso-piso waterfall
This is the highest waterfall of Indonesia at the height of 400 feet. The waterfall was formed when the land closer to the crater lake collapsed, exposing an underground river on the side of the cliff. 

Day 4 - Ujung Kulon National Park
The largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java and is also the last known refuge for the critically endangered Javan rhinoceros. The park encompasses the Ujung Kulon peninsula, the Gunung Honje mountains to the east, Panaitan Island and several smaller islands including Peucang and the Krakatau range.

Day 5 - Komodo Island
Komodo is a beautiful island in the Nusa Tenggara region, with blue waters, green hillsides and a pink sand beach; one of only seven in the world. 

Day 6 - Bali
Bali is without doubt the backpacker hotspot of Indonesia. Everything a backpacker could want is on this happening island – a captivating culture, energetic nightlife, stunning natural beauty and superb beaches, diving and surfing.


6 Nights 5 Days Available on request
Things to carry
  • Interesting Hindu temples, ruins and pilgrimage sites.
  • Canoeing in rivers to experience the dense, untouched rainforest and its wealth of flora and fauna. 
  • Explore Islands and Mountains