Mountains are calling!!

Mountains are calling!!

It’s been a while since i started this journey with the Bangalore Mountaineering Club. I was always a fan of travelling and adventure, so here’s my story when the mountains called out to me!

The road was tough. Or was there even a road?? Boulders and fallen tree trunks, small streams and the winding path were all meant to make the trek look more and more tedious. But as you ascend the peak, the view that the world presents to you justifies all your hardships.

It doesn’t matter which peak you aim to conquer, be it Tadiandamol, Kumaraparvatha in the South or Bramhatal in the Himalayas you will have to get through this phase!

A scene that looks as if it was taken directly from the most beautiful imaginations of a crazy artist. Coloured in brown, green and blue pastels, the hills and the sky makes you rethink your idea of happiness and bliss. For one moment you wish you were never born into the hustle and bustle of the horns and the smoke but here, in the peaceful abode of the hills, where the chilling breeze and the mystifying view leave you amazed at the creativity of nature. You will begin to question if there can be anybody better at aesthetics than Mother Nature. You will learn to celebrate solitude.

Trekking can be physically strenuous but there is no point letting the fear stop you from having an experience of a lifetime. As you become aware of yourself and the beauty of the little things around you, no stress seems big nor does anything stop you. You realize that the sun, cloud, sky, stars and moon that we see everyday had a beauty par fancy.

For a young, ambitious and passionate generation, the bigger world need not always mean skyscrapers and long highways. The mountaintops you conquer fighting against your comfort zones and physical strains is the real deal. Get wounded, get tired, sweat. For all these are signs that you are growing against your own barriers and that you are crossing the limits you had put up yourself. Embrace the pain, for you will come out happier and stronger.

A break from technology, a break from the daily routine, a break from the mechanical monotony of your life is what trekking aims to deliver. Increased musculoskeletal strength, healthier lungs and heart are all incentives trekking can provide to a health conscious society. With minimum resources at hand, it increases your survival instincts in those rough terrains.
So, pack your bags and put on your best boots, for the mountains are calling. Delve into the peace of those deep valleys and find your self. Let your soul loose in midst of everything breathtakingly glorious. You are never too old or never too tired to begin on your way up the next peak.