Trip to Gandikota, Belum Caves & Lepakshi
₹ 3,700
If you’re intrigued by ancient architecture, a fan of historical stories or a trekker looking for a new kind of climb Gandikota is the answer to all your woes. Gandikota is a village and historical fort on the right bank of the Penna river, 15 km from Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Apart from being the stronghold for various dynasties through the course of time. The fort stands as a testament to changing times.    But the fort is not all that we will witness here. The Gorge across the river from where it has earned its name “The Grand Canyon of India” is a spectacle one has to see to believe. Climbing rocks to the viewpoint will surely leave you satisfied and awestruck. Once we finish the tour of the fort you will understand why India has always believed in “Unity in Diversity”. Once we finish the fort we quickly have our lunch, regain energy and hit the trail that leads to a waterfall. The waterfall is about 1.5kms from our campsite and has a beautiful view. What more you can see inscriptions of various deities and animals if you look closely. The area is littered with ancient artifacts at every twist and turn. After having a refreshing dip we start to another viewpoint that has a different view of it’s own.  We head back to camp, freshen up and have our dinner. Soon after which we enjoy a campfire under the stars and relive the day. We wake up early the next morning and get ready to leave for Belum Caves. Belum Caves, is the largest and longest cave system open to the public in the Indian subcontinent. The government has built pathways, provided illumination and sank ventilation shafts to make the caves accessible. After the discovery of these caves back in 1983, it came to light that Buddhist and Jain monks were inhabited at this place. There is an underground stream that forms a natural waterfall at 150 feet deep from the ground level.  We’ll stop for lunch(self-sponsored) on the way and reach Lepakshi temple soon after which we’ll leave for Bengaluru. Note: There is a hike in price from Feb 2020 to May 2020 for A/C Transport. Activities:  Visit to Gandikota Fort (Short Hiking) Camping Belum Caves Visit Lepakshi Temple Visit read more read less