Trek to Success

Trek to Success

Trekking a mountain or an uphill rock amidst waterfalls, lush green forests, and variety of fauna is an amazing experience for your mind, body, and soul. The discipline of mind and a focus to achieve your goal altogether gives you a roller-coaster experience.

Adding to it, trekking offers rich benefits to your physical health and overall well-being. Let us look at a few below:

Easy to begin

Unlike mountaineering, trekking doesn?t require arduous strength training or physical endurance to climb up a summit. If you have the adrenaline rush to go that extra step in making your life filled with memories and gusto, then trekking is the best way to do it. It all requires having a passion to explore the unseen and zeal to give yourself to nature. Preparation in terms of basic footwear, backpack guide and a good amount of physical fitness well before the final day would help to make your experience the best one.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Trekking has a profound impact on reducing your Body Mass Index (BMI), percentage of body fat, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels that constitute your cardiovascular health.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

It is a weight for height guide which categorizes underweight, overweight and obesity in adults. Many studies suggest that higher the BMI levels among people, the more chances of getting a cardiac arrest, diabetes and lifestyle diseases. Trekking activity ensures that heart pumps blood vigorously to veins, muscles, and brain which in turn improve body?s response to the cardiac health. A good cardiac system enhances your lifespan which means more time to share life with loved ones.

Percentage of body fat

It is true that walking is considered to be a fit regimen for most of us to maintain weight. ?However, a regular steeper trek with high elevated paths helps in spending more energy levels that significantly reduces body fat. This is the case in trekking as an average adult can burn up to 570 calories per hour during a single trek. Especially women, tend to develop more fat in the body due to their lifestyle would find trekking as a better option to remain fit and lean. The fit you are, the more confident woman you become.

Reduces Blood pressure

Blood pressure is a silent killer that slowly results in the death of body functioning system. All across the world, it is a leading cause of mortality coupled with cardiac dysfunction. It was found in the recent studies, that systolic blood pressure was lessened by 4.1 mm Hg due to activities like trekking or resistance training which reduces mortality from heart disease.

Muscle Fitness

Trekking involves various muscles in spending energy levels to burn out calories and while increasing your aerobic threshold. Obliques, hamstrings, glutes, inside and outside thigh, lower back, quadriceps, ankle and knee complex, and calves are used rigorously which strengthen them over a period of time. This increases flexibility, balance, muscle endurance and muscle strength. The good muscle fitness, you lead a more active and healthy life. ?Muscle strength is a forecaster of mortality and is linked to cardiac health risks.

Enhances lower limb strength

Trekking constitutes downhill walking and improves lower limb strength. Most treks involve going up the mountain and then coming down which is a magnificent work out for your legs. However, downhill walking is an art where your quads and glutes work extensively in maintaining body balance along with ensuring your knees and hip joints don?t cave. This kind of the continuous downhill trek will gradually improve your lower limb strength leading to better body balance system.

Improves overall body performance

Do you remember the moment when a slight upward action to pull over a book from a shelf resulted in a severe back pain? These daily life injuries occur when we tend to shift our position from one angle to other. Trekking ensures that you perform a variety of exercise including walking, squatting, running, lunging with upward and downward movements. By climbing rocks, you are pushed to adjust to slippery zones and fallen trees. This kind of movement in various directions will help in improving your muscle strength and overall body performance.

Improves relationships

Adding to overall physical health, trekking is an opportunity to meet people from various social backgrounds. Your trekking partner would definitely add motivation and reinforcement whenever trekking gives you a hard time. This kind of rendezvous helps in unraveling attitudes of each other and enhances understanding levels. This helps us to accept and enjoy different behaviors and getting along with others. Unlike professional atmosphere, bonding amidst nature with different people can give you everlasting friendships.

Say bye to depression

Juggling with stress and cutthroat competition both in personal and professional life is a depressing situation for most of us. But how many of you know that spending time amidst nature will help us in gathering energy to overcome obstacles in life. From the moment you start the trek, you know that a big hurdle lies in the front. You perspire every step to ensure that you are reaching the peak. Panting heavily, balancing your body and looking through your cynical vision, a lot happens in your mind. You see hundreds of them are along with you scaling the same summit. Look back and find yourself that each step is closer to your goal and all it requires is only that extra step to climb the ladder of success. ?

Let us know your thoughts about these points and do share your valuable other experiences which help in making trekking an everlasting moment.

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